Because of Aqua-Resin's versatility and ready adaptability, artists are able to use this safe to use product in multiple ways: in various stages of systematically planned pieces as well as in works that are produced expressively and spontaneously. And, of course, artists are able to take advantage of Aqua-Resin's easy adaptability in functional and mechanical applications such as in mold making and jackets, fixtures and brackets, models and prototypes.

The artworks below were all made of Aqua-Resin; in full or in part. Click on photos to enlarge and for more information on each piece. We are pleased to be able to display this exciting work. 



John von Bergen


Rand Hardy


Esther Kläs


Arlene Rush


Erik Sharrock Guzman


Joe Meiser


Judy Fox


Erik Geschke


Maria Elena González


David Altmedj


Jeanhee Kim


Jennifer Rabin



Christopher Manzione



Johannes VanDerBeek


Lori Kiplinger Pandy


Lily Cox-Richard




Christina West



George Carr



Laura Gravenstine

Do-Ho Suh

Jody Lee

Beckie Kravetz



Laura Orchard

Karen Swenholt

Rein Triefeldt

Bonnie Collura

Ailene Fields



Lorina Tayag Capitulo

Jared Deery

Steve Keister

Danny Cruces

Richard Laurenzi



Jung Hee Mun

Harsha Biswajit

Ann Smith

A. M. Hoch



Eve Bailey

Molly Carpenter

Steven Weiss

Carole A. Fueurman

       Zigi Ben-Haim