Mannequin arm, Aqua-Resin


Industries as diverse as commercial flooring and woodworking, aerospace, precast concrete and automotive design, to name a few, have found Aqua-Resin to be a welcome, cost effect adjunct to their more conventional material choice.

Compliance with EPA, OSHA and union requirements has become an ever increasing challenge to industry. A water-based, VOC free material such as Aqua-Resin offers a common sense alternative to those materials whose use in current times increase production costs, insurance costs, and greatly contributes to worker attrition. Aqua-Resin will in many cases either substantially or completely eliminate the need for these problematic materials.

Used for prototyping and rapid prototyping, foam coating, tooling and back up tooling and quite a bit more, it is a very forgiving material in both its mix ratios and workability.  Aqua-Resin is easily mixed, applied, molded, adhered to, cut, tooled, sanded and feathered––all properties that reduce labor costs and often allow for minimally trained workers to perform operations that they otherwise might not have been considered for.



Dan Corona, Aqua-Resin mold and Aqua-Resin final casting of base

Dan Corona, finished veneered base

Zigi Ben-Haim. table base before installation

Luis Torres, Inside Squad, mold for reproduction column shaft, SoHo, NYC, 

Luis Torres, Inside Squad, Aqua-Resin reproduction column shaft, SoHo, NYC

Luis Torres, Inside Squad, capital mold made from existing column, Aqua-Resin jacket, SoHo, NYC

Luis Torres, Inside Squad, installation of Aqua-Resin reproduction column, SoHo, NYC

Luis Torres, Inside Squad, finished Aqua-Resin reproduction column capital , SoHo, NYC

Erik Guzman, circular knife screeding

Zigi Ben-Haim, table base installed

NY FormWorks, Brian T. Kent, custom bathtubs

High volume 4 1/2" Aqua-Glass placement into an Aqua-Resin jacketed silicone mold 

Luis Torres, Inside Squad, reproduction column, installed, SoHo, NYC

PCC, Prototypes Concepts Corporation

PCC, Prototypes Concepts Corporation

PPC, Prototype Concepts Corporation

Mannequin head, detail, Aqua-Resin

Aqua-Resin mannequin face, rubber mold and Aqua-Resin mother mold

The Compleat Sculptor, Aqua-Resin jacket

John Houck, silicone mold with Aqua-Resin jacket