AQUA-RESIN®, sustainably produced, with less than 10% of its formula weight derived from petrochemical sources, is not only truly "green" and safe to use, but also OSHA and EPA compliant and LEED applicable.

AQUA-RESIN®'s unique system offers easy to use, water based - waterborne, non-toxic, molding, laminating, and casting materials without the usual health risks or fumes generally associated with conventional polyester, urethane or formaldehyde emitting resin systems.

All AQUA-RESIN®  coating and laminating products were developed to fill a need, not only for safer materials, but also to provide working properties and versatility not found in other materials.

All AQUA-RESIN® products are designed to be easily mixed, applied, molded, adhered to, cut, tooled, sanded and feathered, finished and painted; all this while providing optimal strength for their intended uses. These uses include: prototypes and rapid prototyping, architectural elements, mannequins and figures, scenic design and film sets, repairs and restorations, sculpture, foam coated applications, tooling and back up tooling, and other 3-dimensional applications.

Procedures for using AQUA-RESIN® closely parallel those of conventional resin systems; anyone familiar with common laminating, casting and molding techniques should have no difficulty adapting AQUA-RESIN® to their particular applications.



Water-based, water-borne

No irritating fumes

VOC free

No formaldehyde

No isocyanates

No styrene

All products formulated and tested to work as one system

Technical support always available

All labeling consistent with LHAMA requirements

Freeze/Thaw stable (5 cycles)

Long shelf life

No fire hazard

ASTM E-84 Class A fire rating

Lower bottom line
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* As designated by a Board Certified Toxicologist

Components easily mixed

Fast hand lay-up and thickness building


Cures in any thickness, air dries in thin films

Two stage hardening, allows for easy tooling

Cuts, shapes and sands easily

Variable flexibility

Accurate detail with no distortion or shrinkage

Compatible with most paints, cured poylmers and foams

Easy water clean-up

Lightweight, thin-walled laminations

Permanent and highly weather resistant

UV stable